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Top 2 Amazing Retractable Pergolas Tampa

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Retractable Pergolas Tampa

What is a retractable pergola?

Motorized retractable pergolas are the latest craze in backyard and patio comfort.  The all aluminum construction will hold up to the harsh elements unlike wood or PVC.  The adjustable slats on the top can be opened to let the sun warm you in the winter, or closed to keep the rain off your furniture in the summer.  These canopies can be free standing or attached to your home or business.  We can even put just the retractable blades or retractable slates on top of an existing structure.  So, if you want a wooden pergola with a retractable canopy, you can get the wooden pergola and we will provide the aluminum retractable canopy.

Motorized Retractable Pergolas Tampa

This ingenious product can make those unusable spaces usable again by providing shade and reducing temperatures by up to 20 degrees.  Motorized pergolas can completely transform your outdoor living space.  Retractable pergolas can protect that new outdoor kitchen with all of the new appliances from harsh UV rays and rain.

Cardinal Architectural Retractable Pergola – Classic Style

The Cardinal Architectural Pergola had more of the classic pergola style, but with one special feature, the slats on the top can open and close.  This model can also be made to fit odd spaces that aren’t your typical square or rectangle.

retractable pergola, louvered roof, retractable cabana, retractable roof
Retractable Pergola by Cardinal

Sundance Retractable Pergola – Modern Style

The Sundance retractable Pergolas offer a more sleek, clean look.  They have an integrated gutter system around the perimeter shell that funnels water through the post and away from your entertaining space. 

retractable pergola, pergola, retractable roof, Louvered roof, louvered sunshade
retractable louvered roof by Sundance

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At West Coast Awnings we specialize in pergola retractable waterproof canopy, retractable awning, motorized retractable pergola canopy, and retractable pergola canopy replacement.  The only things we don’t really offer is a pergola retractable canopy kit or a diy retractable pergola canopy that you can install yourself. Our outdoor retractable canopies and pergolas are made from the finest materials and built to last.  If you want to know how much does a retractable pergola cost?  Give us a call for the latest market prices.

Contact us today to see how we can help you solve all your shade, weather, and bug needs.

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