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Solar Screens and Drop Curtains Make Spaces More Flexible

Enhancing the flow between indoor and outdoor spaces is of prime importance for many Florida business and home owners. In the home, it makes both spaces more flexible, and in a restaurant or café, indoor and outdoor spaces complement one another and ensure that the space is attractive and usable in all climates.

Weather causes many problems, from the intrusiveness of wind or rain, to the glare and UV penetration of the hot Florida sun. These can cause mishaps both inside and outside your business or home. Heat, glare, and UV issues can be solved simply, with Phantom solar screens that effectively reduce sun penetration, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. For wind and rain protection, there are drop curtains, a stylish solution that quickly turns an outdoor space into an indoor one, and expands the amount of available space in inclement weather.

Practicality and Style Combined These options are both practical and attractive, offering a wide range of different styles and colors to complement any commercial décor. Drop curtains are made from a woven fabric of 100% acrylic fiber. It’s strong and durable, yet light enough that lowering or raising the curtains is not difficult. Phantom solar screens are sleek, chic, and surprisingly efficient, with the ability to reduce air conditioner load by up to 60% when installed outside a building or residence.

Drop Curtains

Commercial Drop Curtains

“Drop Curtains” from West Coast Awnings offer a similar advantage, with a unique sill system that directs rainwater to the exterior surface of the curtain, ensuring that rain does not penetrate to the interior of the space. In addition, all drop curtain systems can be installed from the inside, making it a quick and easy business to deploy the curtains when they’re needed.

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