Choosing The Best Awning Available
Having an awning of any kind outside your home provides you with an oasis of shade and shelter for your family, your friends, and even your pets. If you're living in a climate where having shade during the day is as important as having water you'll know just how much of a Godsend an awning can be. Having an awning fitted to your home can and does involve a commitment on your part in terms of money, time, and of course your trust in your awning performing flawlessly every single time it's used. The last thing you need is to be stuck in the middle of a heat wave, and have your awning simply stop working when you need it the most.

At West Coast Awnings we're extremely proud of what we do, and how long we've been doing it. We're not some newcomer to this industry. Located in the Sunshine State, we've been providing our residential and commercial customers across the United States with their awnings since 1957. We have the experience and the knowledge behind each of our products to successfully implement any of them to your home and enhance its value.

For all of our pride in our wide product range, how do we stack up against the competition? In the interest of fairness and offering all of our customers, both current and the ones we have yet to meet, full transparency when it comes to our awning products, we've put together a comparison of how we compare to the Sunsetter range of products point for point when compared against our popular sunesta awnings.

  • Where Are The Companies Based?
  • Who Creates The Component Parts?
  • Who Installs Your Awning?
  • What Sizes Are Available?
  • How Far Can Your Awnings Project Away from a Wall?
  • Fabric and Color Choices Available
  • Type of Warranty You'll Recieve

Sunesta Vs

Where Are The Companies Based?


Our Sunesta awnings are manufactured in Jacksonville, Florida and supplied from our local business based in Clearwater, Florida. If you’re in the area, stop on by and visit our retail location at 1424 S. Missouri Ave. We’ve been in the same location here in Tampa Bay since 1957 helping local families and businesses with their awning needs and installations.


Sunsetter’s offices of operation are in Massachusetts where they distribute to both their dealer system and direct to customers online or over the phone. While the company is located in the United States, their product is only “Assembled” in the U.S.

Who Makes The Parts?


The aluminum used in Sunesta awnings is produced and formed right here in St. Augustine, Florida, and the important shoulder components are US manufactured as well. The Somfy wireless remote controlled motors used in our products originate in France and carry the longest warranty in the industry. The fabric we use is made in Austria from the finest acyllic materials and carries a 10-year warranty against fading! We strive only to produce the highest quality awnings for each of our loyal customers, and believe we’ve done exactly that with our strict quality guidelines.


A number of components in Sunsetter awnings are either manufactured or sourced from countires in Asia; China amongst others. While these components allow Sunsetter to offer a lower price, their compromise in quality limits their ability to offer long-term warranty coverage on their products. While cost is a very important factor in your awning decision, the cheapest option is not always the best value for your investment.

Who Actually Installs Your Awnings?


We have our own dedicated team of awning installation experts, many of whom have been working in this industry for several decades now. West Coast Awnings is a Florida State Certified Specialty Structure Contractor, licensed to work anywhere in the State of Florida. Everything we put our hands on meets or exceed Florida Building Code and carries our personal guarantee of quality. To ensure complete customer confidence and security, our installers are also covered by a $3 million ($3,000,000) public liability insurance policy. This is an extra precaution in case there are any unforeseen accidents to protect your home or your business property by being fully covered at all times. We offer a complete installation service based on almost 60-years of trade experience which is something you’re not going to hear from other awning companies.


When you order a Sunsetter awning it’s usually through a registered Sunsetter dealer who then hires either a local handyman or another company to install the awning for them. They may or may not be a licensed contractor, and there is no guarantee that the person installing your Sunsetter awning is covered by any form of insurance at all. These are risks that the average home or business owner can not afford to take, and should not have to.

What Sizes Are Available?


We custom build each and every Sunesta awning to your exact specifications in widths up to 40 feet! We understand that every property is different, and each person has their own personal taste and style, so we offer 192 fabric selections and a wide range of frame color options.


Although the Sunsetter line products look good in their packaging, you’re going to be restricted to awning widths of between 10ft and 20ft in preset sizes – there are few made-to-order options with Sunsetter so you might find yourself a bit limited here. By supplying only fixed sizes and one frame color, Sunsetter can limit the number of choices they offer a customer. This keeps their costs down and helps them maximize profits.

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