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Shade Structures

Metal Shade Structures improve your Business's Look and its Energy Efficiency. Protecting your skin from the hot Florida sun is more important than ever before, but did you know it's important to protect your business from the sun too?

The heat of the sun can drive your cooling costs up tremendously and a hot stuffy business isn’t exactly pleasant to work in. UV rays can damage your business furnishings and even costly window treatments are all slowly faded by the sun's harmful rays.

A Commercial Metal Structure such as shown below can go a long way towards solving these problems. They are also attractive and complement the look of your business.

Why not add a Commercial Metal Structure to your business that is both beautiful and functional? Check out our selection below.

West Coast Awnings has the knowledge and experience you need to help you choose the perfect solution for your needs, so why not call today? Contact us on (727) 447-3461 or use our online form below to request information or a FREE ESTIMATE.

Metal Shade Structures

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Metal shade Structures
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