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Fixed Awnings and Canopies Residential - A stationary canvas awning generally consists of a rigid awning frame made from either welded metal (like steel or aluminum) or pipe pieces screwed together with threaded ends and a fabric awning cover available in a wide variety of patterns and colors. According to the newest Florida Building Code (Chapter 31), it is no longer acceptable to install an awning with a pipe-threaded frame that must be disassembled in order to remove the fabric awning cover. Instead, fabric (canvas) awning covers must be attached with either an easily removable lacing or a break-away staple-stitch method that allows the fabric to break free of the frame during periods of hurricane force winds.

At West Coast Awnings, we manufacture all of our new stationary fabric awnings using a welded aluminum awning frame and break-away staple stitch covers. This allows us to give the tightest possible canvas awning cover fit with the security of knowing that the fabric is designed to free itself from the awning frame to avoid damage to your home or the frame itself. In addition, the use of high quality 6000 series aluminum allows means that your West Coast Awnings canvas awning frame will never rust.

Fixed Awnings and Canopies Residential

Fixed Awnings and Canopies Residential

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Improve the Energy Efficiency of your Home with a Fixed Canopy

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Most people know that it’s important to protect your skin from the sun, but not everyone know that your home needs protecting too! Not just the exterior paint, but your interior décor and furnishings, too. The sun’s penetrating UV rays can quickly fade paint, wallpaper, soft furnishings, and even art, especially in the hot Florida climate. This will make your home look washed out, dull, and uninviting.

There are other considerations, too. The heat of the sun can make the home stuffy and uncomfortable. Often your only recourse is to turn the air conditioning up, and that can mean plenty of money spent on unnecessary energy costs. Unnecessary, because something as simple as a fixed canopy system can forever improve your home’s energy efficiency by blocking more than 60% of the sun’s heat from entering the home, further protecting your investments on your home interior and saving you money every month on cooling costs.

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A Fixed Canopy adds an Original Touch to your Home Exterior
If you’re worried about whether your home will look attractive with a fixed canopy, you can rest easy knowing that the answer is a definite “yes”. West Coast Awnings has been in the business since 1957, and has more than earned its reputation as Florida’s premier canopy and sun shade company.

West Coast Awnings has the tools and technology, and the knowledgeable, experienced staff required to provide customized fixed canopies for any home. We can custom-design and manufacture canopies to fit almost any requirement, and to suit any home exterior, traditional or modern. Whether you’re looking for a canopy to adorn an existing home, or a fresh and funky design for new construction, we can help.

Let West Coast Awnings Help Enhance your Home.

A fixed canopy system can add so much to your home. From the energy benefits, the improved appearance, and the increase in comfort level, there are three great reasons to consider adding a single canopy, or even a series of canopies! West Coast Awnings’ attractive and practical fixed canopies can be seen adorning the windows of countless family homes in the Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg area, proving that they really do add something special to the home exterior.

West Coast Awnings has the knowledge and experience you need to help you choose the perfect fixed canopy system, so why not call today?

Contact us on (727) 447-3461 or use our online form to request information or a FREE ESTIMATE.

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