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Protect your Living Space with Drop Curtains and Screens

One of the prevailing themes of design these days is making the outdoors just as livable as the indoors, and in particular of creating an attractive and practical feeling of flow between the interior and exterior. There are many ways to achieve this, one of the most popular of which is creating an outdoor space that can be used for entertaining or everyday living in the home.

The creation of an indoor-outdoor space is not without its problems, especially in temperamental Florida climates. Sudden wind or rain can quickly make an outdoor space unusable for hours. Drop curtains is the solution, a practical yet stylish feature that instantly allows you to transform an outdoor living space into an indoor one. They are installed at edges of outdoor spaces, with a framework that allows the curtains to be instantly released to create secure enclosures.

For sun protection, screens provide an even easier, faster solution. Control heat, UV ray penetration, and glare, and save energy at the same time. By cutting out the sun’s rays, indoor furniture is protected, and the amount of energy needed to keep the interior cool is reduced. West Coast Awnings screens can be motorized for ease of use, and can even be integrated into existing motorized window systems. For homeowners in the Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg area, there’s no better option.

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