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Great news for the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater area!!

For the ultimate in versatility, consider our exciting new line of Retractable Roof Systems. This Motorized Pergola system is perfect for patios, bars, recreational areas, and outdoor seating and dining.

Made in the USA in Louisville, KY, the Retractable Pergola Roof can turn any outdoor area into a shaded, rain-proof oasis at the touch of a button. Built from Powder Coated Aluminum components, the Automatic Pergola can be fully opened, fully closed, or stopped anywhere in-between.

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For Outdoor Kitchen coverage, nothing beats the retractable roof system that we offer.  With 100% sun and rain protection, you have the rugged toughness of a solid roof with the versatility to let the sun shine in when you want it.

You can even leave the motorized louvered roof slightly open to allow the wind to pass through and the heat to ventilate upwards while maintaining shade below!

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It’s easy to find out what a West Coast Awnings retractable roof system can add to your outdoor space in and around Tampa Bay, St. Pete, or Clearwater. Use our contact form below, or give us a call at (727) 447-3461, to get a FREE ESTIMATE on your new retractable roof systems.