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Architectural Aluminum Awnings With Tie Back Arms

One of the most current trends in architectural design today is the addition of cantilevered or suspended metal canopies and awnings. These new designs are now available throughout the greater Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater area via West Coast Awnings, the local manufacturing source for these products. These structures add an aethestic accent to otherwise plain walls while providing functional sun shade and rain protection to doors, windows, and walkways. Additionally, their all-aluminum design makes these units practically maintenance free for many years.

Aluminum Awnings have some significant advantages over their fabric counterparts. First, they are practically bullet-proof and will last for decades without any significant maintenance. Metal awnings are also a great accent to more modern-style architecture that utilize sharper angles and straight lines for a more industrial, simplified feel. While Fabric Awnings can be made in a nearly unlimited range of shapes and sizes, Aluminum Awnings are limited by the lengths and shapes that are readily available from local extruders and material suppliers.

If you have specific questions about our line of Metal Awnings please contact us using our Online "Contact Us" Form below or give us call, or stop by our Awning Showroom in Downtown Clearwater, FL at 1424 S. Missouri Ave, Clearwater, 33756


Canopy Customization

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West Coast Awnings aluminum architectural canopies and awnings are fully customizable as well.  With a variety of fascia styles, guttering layouts, and tie-back arm styles available, we are sure to find a look that fits your design intention.

Also, if a truly custom design is your desire, our expertly trained fabrication staff can meet the challenge, just give us a call and tell us what you need!


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