Privacy Shade Partition from Sunesta


Our featured product for this week is the Sunesta Shadeside.  The Shadeside is a versatile retractable product that can provide privacy as well as shade in a number of different applications.  For privacy, it is perfect for those of us living in town homes or condominiums that share a common back yard space.  By using two Shadesides, you can instantly turn your patio into a private oasis while maintaining the view out of the rear of your home.  With three, you can have the privacy on all sides when you want it, and retract the curtains when you don’t.  The Shadeside can also be used in conjunction with other retractable products such as retractable awnings to provide shade during the winter months where the sun is lower on the horizon.  There are over 200 fabric selections which include both acrylic/canvas fabrics and several different screen fabrics for maintaining airflow.  In addition to fabric choices, there are four different frame colors to choose from in order to match your homes facade.  Each Shadeside is custom made to your specifications here in the state of Florida, and carries long warranties to ensure you of the outstanding quality from which they are built.  We are centrally located in Clearwater to serve your needs whether you are in Tampa or St. Petersburg.




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