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Canopy Awnings in Belleair, FL


Serving Belleair and Belleair Beach since 1957

For our Customers in Belleair and Belleair Beach, our custom built awnings and canopies are the perfect solution to your shade and weather protection problems.  To see our collection of Canvas Awnings, Canvas Patio Canopies, Retractable Awnings, Retractable Screens, and more, use the Menu Bar at the top of the screen to get more info or check out our Galleries to see photos of our work and examples of the types of products we have available.

Awnings and Canopies to Shade your Deck, Patio, or Lanai

A stationary awning is a great way to cover an outdoor living space year-round to protect not only from the sun but also from adverse weather.  Patio awnings, Porch canopies, and Lanai covers are essential to get the most out of your backyard areas from January to December.  Given the drastic changes in Belleair weather from summer thunderstorms changing to sweltering sunlight, a canvas or insulated awning or canopy is the right choice for Belleair Beach residents.  We have the expertise and experience to help make your Belleair Backyard the outdoor oasis of comfort and enjoyment you’ve always wished it would be.  Give us a call today to find out how we can help you!

In general, an awning or canopy can take an outdoor area that would be otherwise useless during hot summer days or during rain storms and turns it into an outdoor oasis that you can enjoy year ’round.  Specifically, in the Tampa Bay area, many homes and business were purchased with an outdoor area as a main feature.  Not being able to use this area turns a great investment into unrealized potential.  Do something about it and take back your outdoor living area!!

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