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Fold Down Metal Awnings Tampa FL

Fold Down Metal Awnings

Clamshell Awning Protects Doorway in Tampa, FL

Fold Down Metal Awnings – Maria had a problem with water at her entry door on the side of her garage in Tampa.  She was having trouble with water leaking in the threshold and also she would get wet any time it was raining and she was trying to unlock the door quickly to get inside.  One of the most economical solutions is an aluminum fold-down awning.  The construction is minimalistic and lightweight without being cheap or flimsy.  The powder coated aluminum slats are virtually maintenance free and the stainless steel hardware are sure to last for decades.  With an application of commercial grade terpolymer sealant along the upper edge, Maria now has a safe place to stand out of the rain while she unlocks her door.

Fold Down Metal Awnings

Aluminum clamshell awnings in Tampa are available in a variety of colors and can be custom built to your specifications for width and projection.  This type of awning is the least expensive of our shading and rain protection options and while it is not highly stylish, it is useful for utilitarian appliations such as Maria’s.  These awnings can also be folded down in the event of very high winds to protect them from damage.  If you are looking for a cost-effective solution where color and elegance is not the highest priority, give us a call so we can discuss if a clamshell awning could fit your needs.  You will still receive a high quality product installed by a company with over 50 years experience in the Tampa Awning industry.

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