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Deck Awnings for Commercial or Residential Applications

Deck awnings are a great addition to both a home and a commercial business.  Whether you are trying to protect your deck for your own use or the use of your patrons, your goals are the same:  Make the deck area the most enjoyable and usable area possible with the best performing product available.  At West Coast Awnings, we have exactly what you need and an array of options to fit any budget. We carry the highest quality fabrics and metals, employ highly skilled craftsmen with decades of experience, and our design team has the vision and imagination to make your dream a reality.

Deck Awnings

What can we say about awnings that will make them exciting?  Not very much, I expect.  While it seems a relatively tame subject to most people, deck awnings are something we are passionate about.  That may sound funny to a normal person like you, but we are awning people and we love coming up with new ways to solve shade and rain problems as much as we love to apply our decades of experience to issues we’ve seen many times over.  All in all, it is the satisfaction of seeing a customer realize the improvement that a simple awning can make in their life that keeps us coming to work everyday.

Call us today for a free on-site consultation and then Browse Our Website using the links above.  Be sure to check out our galleries for photos of awning projects we’ve completed.

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