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Fabric Recover New Port Richey FL

Recover | Primary Prep | New Port Richey | FL
Recover New Port Richey FL

New Fabric on Awning

We recently had the opportunity to work with Primary Prep Day School in New Port Richey, FL.  They were in need of a fabric recover of their vinyl entryway awning.  The vinyl awning is a combination of a traditional and a radius marquee awning laced on to their existing aluminum frame.

Fabric Recover New Port Richey FL

The shade from this awning keeps the children cool as they play outside and wait for their parents to pick them up.  The customer chose a bright red Patio 500 vinyl laminated fabric for it’s waterproof capability.  Patio 500 has a 5 year warranty and holds up well to all the elements.

West Coast Awnings

If you are looking for a fabric recover in New Port Richey, go and check this one out.  It displays our expertise in taking tired, old awning fabric, and replacing it with fresh, new canvas fabric or new vinyl fabric awnings.

Awning Repair

Awning repair can be tricky, once the awnings are exposed to the outdoors.  They get dirty from the atmosphere which causes our industrial sewing machines to malfunction.  If the fabric awnings are tearing, etc. it is often best to just replace the awning fabric with a brand new fabric recover on your exiting frame.

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Fabric Recover New Port Richey FL

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