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Sun City Center Awning Stops Rain and Provides Shade


Canvas Awning in Sun City Center Protects Leaking Window from Rain

Today we installed a new awning for Bill in Sun City Center, FL.  Bill had a leaking window and was looking for a way to protect that window from the driving rain that was the major cause of his problem.  Additionally, Bill was hoping to shade the same window to keep his home cooler in the summer.  Stopping the sun from reaching the glass of the window by shading it from the outside is over 60% more effective than using interior curtains or shades.  It makes sense, since the awning keeps the heat from the sun OUTSIDE the window while the curtains let the heat pass through the glass of the window and heat up the interior of the home.  By choosing a striped blue acrylic canvas fabric, Bill found a solution to his rain and sun issues while adding a splash of color and style to his home’s exterior.

This particular awning is 9ft wide with a 3ft drop and a 17in projection.  The Hard-Wrapped valance at the front edge gives Bill’s fabric awning added strength and a touch of architectural style.  Since all of our awnings are custom built by hand, we were able to give Bill the fit and finish he wanted to fit his needs exactly.

Do you live in the Sun City Center area and need help with a rain water intrusion or sun shading problem?  We would love to hear from you.  Give us a call or drop us a note through our Contact Us form and we will set up an appointment to come see you for FREE!

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