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Tickles Dockside Pub – Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands


tickles dockside pub

Some time back we were contacted by Lou.  Lou had a second home nearby our office in Florida, but his main residence and place of business was located in the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas to be precise.  Lou was unable to find a quality awning manufacturer in the Virgin Islands or Caribbean, so he turned to West Cost Awnings in Clearwater, FL to solve his dilemma.

Tickles Dockside Pub

After drawing the short straw, Rick boarded a plane for St. Thomas in order to perform an in depth field measure of Lou’s restaurant, Tickles Dockside Pub.  Lou was looking to catch the eye of the patrons on the many cruise ships making port at St. Thomas.  In order to accomplish this, he decided to go with a custom lace-on canvas cover with thermally applied color graphics.  This provided not only shade for his patrons at his restaurant, but also made the statement Lou was looking to make to those passing cruise ships.  The reason for the lace-on cover was two-fold.  First, the awning would be shipped in a freight container so it was imperative to keep the cover safe from any tears or scratches in transit.  It was rolled and placed in a custom bag made to protect it on its voyage.  The second reason for the lace-on cover was to provide Lou with the ability to remove the cover in the unfortunate occurence of heavy wind, or God forbid, a hurricane in the area.  We Floridians can relate to that concern.  After flying a 2 man installation crew down to St. Thomas, the awning fit perfectly and was installed in less than two days.  All this after visiting the site one time to measure and plan.

Assembled at the shop to ensure a perfect fit:

tickles dockside pub -commercial fabric logos graphics Caribbean islands awnings

Frames on the pub before the cover was installed:

tickles dockside pub - awning canopy aluminum frame awnings canopies

Side view of the finished product:

tickles dockside pub - shade rain cover canvas fabric sunbrells

Finished product from across the canal:

tickles dockside pub - fabric canvas sunbrella logo graphic carribean

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