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Is your Home Ready
for Hurricane Season?

Is your Home Ready for Hurricane Season? June 1st marks the official start of hurricane season in Florida, and as that date approaches fast, many people engage in a mad scramble to get their homes protected and prepared. Why wait until it’s almost too late? Whatever the time of year, there’s no better time than right now to protect your home from Florida’s unpredictable storm season.

If you live in the Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg area, there’s no better company than West Coast Awnings when it comes to getting the protection your home needs. We’ve been around since 1957—weathered five decades’ worth of storms—and we continue to offer the same high quality of service. We are a company with experience that you can trust! Let us do what we do best and protect your home or business today.

West Coast Awnings can Provide the Hurricane Protection you Need. West Coast Awnings provides quality hurricane protection products, and we’ve been in the business of doing so for more than fifty years. Whether it’s storm panels, shutters, or any other type of hurricane protection product, our experts know just what you need to keep your home safe. We even carry an excellent selection of the Storm-A-Rest product line, featuring durable, low-maintenance materials that provide a high level of protection while still allowing some sunlight to enter the home. And they look good, too!

West Coast Awnings doesn’t just have the best product selection. We go the extra mile to provide top-notch service and customer satisfaction. We are licensed and insured in the state of Florida, and West Coast Awnings is registered with the My Safe Florida Home program, which requires that we maintain a program of continuing hurricane protection education to ensure the quality and safety of our products and installations.

Hurricane Protection

Hurricane Protection

How can You Protect Your Home?

Different home builds typically require different types of hurricane protection. This is particularly true when it comes to custom builds, which are increasingly popular with new home-owners. What additions do you need to hurricane-proof your home?

Why not find out? Use our contact form, or give us a call on (727) 447-3461, to get a FREE HURRICANE PROTECTION ESTIMATE for your home.