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Drop Curtain
Customer Intro

Thank you for Contacting West Coast Awnings! This page is designed to achieve the following:

  1. Give you an overview of West Coast Awnings located in Clearwater, FL. 
  2. Describe the benefits of installing a Drop Curtain on your home or business.
  3. Guide you to meaure your Drop Curtain location. — This will allow us to give you a cost estimate in the shortest amount of time possible.

Why West Coast Awnings?

  1. Family owned and operated since 1957! – We have the experience to get the job done right!
  2. Certified Florida Specialty Contractor – Licensed to operate anywhere in the State of Florida.  License #SCC131150944
  3. Fully Insured with $3M in Liability Coverage

Why Drop Curtains?

  1. Drop Curtains provide shade and rain protection for openings on outdoor living spaces.
  2. Drop Curtains add an architectural accent of color and shape to the exterior of your property.
  3. Our fabrics carry warranties from their manufacturers for 5-10 years providing you with long-lasting beauty and benefit.


We carry a WIDE variety of fabric colors and patterns from the only the finest fabric manufcaturers available.  You can follow the links below to take a look at some fabric options.  Jot down the name/number of a few of your favorites so that you will have a head start on choosing the right colors when you meet with one of our Awning Experts at your property.  Sunbrella and Sattler are Woven Acrylic Canvas fabrics while Patio 500 and Serge Ferrari are waterproof Vinyl Fabrics.


Commercial Drop Curtains

Finally, take a photo and some basic measurements of the desired location for your Composite Panel Canopy and send them to us so we can get you a price estimate immediately.  We just need to know the Width and Projection away from the wall that you’d like.  You don’t need to be perfect, just in the ballpark is good enough to get you an idea of pricing.  Everything we make is custom, so you can decide exactly how much area you’d like to cover. 

Simply text your photos and measurements to 727-447-3461 or email to info@westcoastawnings.com and we will be able to get you a price estimate very quickly.  This is especially helpful if you’re trying to get some idea of pricing before our Field Representative has the opportunity to meet with you.