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Artbilt Awnings has merged with our neighbors in Clearwater to serve the Tampa Bay area from under one roof.  Check out the links above to learn more about what we can do for you!

Residential Awnings – Tampa Bay Area

Artbilt-Awnings can custom design the awning look you’ve been dreaming of. The addition of awnings to your home can transform the look of your house; taking it from ordinary to eye-catching! We use the top of the line fabric, Sunbrella awning canvas, and the color and design choices are extensive! Sunbrella canvas was developed exclusively to withstand the harshest of weather conditions and comes with one of the best warranties in the awning industry. Sunbrella is one of the nation’s leading outdoor fabric manufacturers and Artbilt uses nothing but the best in raw materials for its shade products.

Artbilt-Awnings founded it’s business 70 years ago with residential awnings as their strongest shade product. At the time, virtually all awnings were developed with the use of galvanized steel pipe frames; the awning covers were cut and sewn and attached with a lace-on design. In 1996 a new style of awning frame was introduced, the staple-in, and it soon replaced the old-fashioned bulky pipe frame. With the staple-in method, the awning fabric is stapled directly into the awning frame in a built-in track. This gives the awning a much smoother and neater appearance! No more lacing rope throughout the underside of the awning, and no more bulky pipe fittings. Although the awning fabric is inserted directly into the frame, it is a simple process to recover your long-lasting awning frame over and over.

There are many styles to choose from -St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa

Whatever the style awning you are looking for; traditional, spear awnings, or the dome-style, Artbilt-Awnings can fulfill your wish. With all of our years of experience, we welcome the chance to provide you with our finely crafted awnings made precisely to your order. We also carry many other shade products for every application. Drop curtains, drapes, and we also manufacture 3 of the nation’s leading retractable style awnings. Artbilt only deals in the finest quality shade systems.

The traditional-style awning is always a favorite; it enhances the look of your home, while providing you with cool comfort by blocking out the intense Florida heat. Your fabric selection choices are endless, as well as the many fine details you must choose that personalize your awning;  the binding, various types of applique’, and much more! You are sure to be pleased with how our awnings compliment your home, adding value and beauty. Our most popular fabric is Sunbrella. Manufactured by Glen Raven, the selection of solids, stripes, and various patterns seems endless, and don’t forget the exceptional fabric warranty!

The spear awnings lend a classic look to any home, and Artbilt-Awnings have installed many over the years. We powder-coat the aluminum, which bakes your color right into the awning frame for a long life. This elegant framework adds grace and worth, and it keeps on giving for many years to come.

Artbilt’s dome-style is one of our most popular styles, especially for doorways and entranceways. Just like the umbrella it’s dome shape resembles, this style of awning provides maximum protection from the sun and rain. Perfect protection from the elements while you, your family, or your guests enter your home. What better way to say welcome!

For your lanai or screened porch, our drop curtains will provide protection for your living space while still letting in the great outdoors. Drop curtains can still let the breezes blow through with a mesh-style fabric such as Phifertex, but will staunchly block the blinding rays of the sun. Raise or lower to meet your needs; windows or none, solids or stripes, it’s all up to you! With our durable indoor/outdoor all-weather fabrics, our drop-curtains and drapes can be installed in any location you desire.

Let Artbilt-Awnings be your retractable experts. Our intensely trained installation team can mount your retractable awnings in most any household location, adding living space and worth to your home. We carry some of the country’s top brand retractables, ensuring quality and dependability you can count on use after use. The covers for the retractables can be simply changed over, though with the long life of the awning fabric you probably won’t have to!

Cut Your Energy Costs – Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough

Go Green! Reduce your energy costs! Awnings are a simple, but effective way to cut your cooling costs by blocking direct sunlight before it ever enters your home, up to 75%. Lighter shades of awning canvas will even reflect the sun further. Most U.S. neighborhoods don’t have a notable amount of awnings. In Europe everyone uses awnings to cut their air conditioning use during the summer months. In 2007 there was a study conducted by the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota. PAMA (Professional Awning Manufacturers Association) founded the study to delve into the possible energy savings for single-family homes during peak hours of energy usage.

The study found that, depending on your locale in the United States, fabric awnings will reduce the use of energy to cool your home anywhere from 23-33%; translated gives you an annual savings of $100. It also reduces the need to supply our generating capacity. SAVE $ + SAVE ENERGY = SMART

Commercial Contractorstrust their awning projects toArtBilt-Awnings;ArtBiltunderstands deadlines and accuracy with plans. As well as providing our services throughout the entire state, we often visit the larger cities in the Tampa Bay area . It is our awning products that you will see when you come out to visit Ocala’s newest elite shopping locale, Market Street at Heathbrook.  We have worked directly with United American Realty to enhance the architectural style of the center. You can see our louvres on the walls at DSW, or enjoy the various shades and patterns of our awnings that are spattered throughout the marketplace. Incidentally, Market Street at Heath Brook is located just west of I-75 and East 350.

For all of the intricate details involved with commercial projects; unmoveable scheduled dates, building permits, engineered drawnings, and the ability to accurately interpret a contractor’s plans, you need to be able to trust and rely on the company you choose.  ArtBilt-Awnings can take the pressure off; let the experienced, licensed and insured team handle everything. Artbilt- Awnings provide innovative, practical solutions to your architectural design needs. All of our designs meet building code requirements, and many satifsfy Miami-Dade requirements as well. Every year there is construction and renovation related fraud. This situation could be avoided simply by verifying that you are hiring a licensed contractor.

Since owning property for businesses as well as homeowners will surely be one of your largest investments,you want to maintain, if not enhance the beauty and value of your property. The hardest test when chosing a company for your awnings is to not automatically go for the cheapest bid or price. We all want to save money, especially in these lean times, but remember the old cliche, “You get what you pay for.” Unlicensed contractors save on expenses since they don’t pay for worker’s compensation insurance, and they aren’t bonded, but is that who you want to trust such an important job to? Please verify whatever company you select with the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation to establish they are licensed and properly insured. It only takes a moment, and can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of heartache.

When considering all of your options, here are a few things to remember:

It takes hard work to obtain a contractors license – Aside from passing a detailed examination, applicants are subjected to criminal history background checks.

Property owners can report contractors for misconduct or sub-standard quality

Property owners are able to apply for compensation to the Contractor’s Recovery Fund,


Artbilt-Awnings are a favorite among the public school system for installing their required walkway covers; since we are licensed and insured, and comply with the local building code requirements for the locale we will be working in. Along with the Florida school system, many other private and municipal organizations throughout the state come to Artbilt for their aluminum carport and aluminum walkway covers. Since we are a custom manufacturer, the selection of styles are numerous. We will build to your exact needs and specifications, always providing the necessary engineered drawnings to ensure a perfect fit as well as compliance with the local building departments. We guarantee our work proudly, using the most experienced craftsman to fabricate our products. We also take care of the required building permits, from applying for the permit, all the way through to the final inspection, eliminating the aggravation for you.

Aluminum walkway covers add value to your property, and with the option of so many styles, can accent you existing architecture as well. They have become quite popular, and almost expected in most commercial situations. Artbilt-Awnings have installed walkway covers in Jacksonville, Clearwater, Ocala, and many other major cities throughout the state. They provide protection for students in schools, employees at their workplace, patients and doctors at hospitals;  in all kinds of weather, sun or storm. For the school system they cover bus stops, sidewalks leading from building to building, access ramps, and give you a protected path to the parking lot. We have also provided carports for churches, hospitals, office complexes, industrial plants, and municipals, including the military. All of our walkway covers are strong enough to walk on, and contain the proper drainage system for rain, with almost no visibility of unsightly gutter systems.

Artbilt-Awnings have several styles of commercial aluminum carports, ranging in size from 2-3 vehicles all the way to accomodating the larger apartment and condo complexes. It is a known fact that renters are willing to pay a little more for the protection of their vehicles, and would prefer that protection more than saving a few dollars on their rent. With the unforgiving sun that Florida must tolerate, a carport preserves the value of vehicles, and reduces depreciation. Artbilt’s commercial carports are used in many types of facilities, from the various types of residences aforementioned, to all types of municipalities. The advantage of aluminum is the fact that it never rusts, can be powder-coated in any shade desired; they are long-lasting with virtually no maintenance. With the light weight that aluminum carries, installation of our carports takes less time than other carports made of heavier metals, yet they hold up to our raging storms. You have many choices with your carport installation; we install free-standing carports, which will, of course, meet the Florida Building Code requirements, including the Miami-Dade area, and we can attach to your existing host structure as well. Another advantage to Artbilt being a custom manufacturer, we can manufacture “carports” that are large enough to protect boats, RV’s, and even airplanes. With Artbilt’s staff of experienced fabricators, the possibilities are endless, and your satisfaction is our number 1 priority. Artbilt-Awnings guarantees your satisfaction!

Commercial Awnings and Florida Sunshades –  Tampa Bay

Artbilt-Awnings can satisfy all of your commercial awning needs, including carports and walkway covers. Commercial awnings carry strict guidelines with regard to their manufacturing and mounting requirements, as with all aspects of commercial construction. Our commercial division has years of experience; competent to handle the CAD and engineered drawnings, as well as initiating and executing the building permits. Throughout the Tampa Bay area, Artbilt-  Awnings provides professional service, led by a licensed contractor. There are many awning companies that operate without a licensed contractor, something you may not have thought of. If you select an unlicensed business, you are taking abig risk! Artbilt is licensed and fully insured. Would you consider having a medical procedure, perhaps an operation, if your “doctor” didn’t have the proper license? Tampa Bay awning contractors trust their commercial awning production to Artbilt-Awnings, the experts, time and time again! The percentage of repeat contractors that work with us is growing all of the time. You may see some very impressive awning websites, or phone book advertisements, even television commercials that are very appealing. Let us not forget, “Caveat emptor”. (Let the buyer beware) When making such an important decision pease take a moment to do your homework. There is a listing of  licensed contractors in the state of Florida for every category;  please be sure you visit the Florida Business & Professional Regulation website. When you retain a licensed contractor to fabricate and install your awnings, you’re purchasing an insurance policy, a guantee if you will, that you will be satisfied and secure in your purchase. The Florida Building Code has left the subject of awnings a grey area, a tragic oversight. You can rest assured that Artbilt-Awnings can handle the most complex projects, as we only employ competent, trained professionals.

Artbilt-Awnings understands the importance of staying under budget, now more than ever. Our computerized pricing program allows us to offer several alternatives, if need be. You can explore all of your options; monetary and aesthetics.  With Artbilt’s pricing program you can explore various options and alternatives. We are more than happy to provide renderings to help you envision your plan before it is begun.

Commercial Walkway Covers and Carports – Tarpon Springs, Dunedin, Oldsmar

Commercial walkway covers

Commercial Carports

Throughout the state of Florida, Artbilt-Awnings have installed numerous commercial carports and walkway covers. Our commercial carports make valuable additions to multi-housing complexes as well as many other commercial applications. Artbilt will custom design your free-standing or attached carport to your exact specifications. Fabric or aluminum, this parking solution protects vehicles from various weather conditions; wind and rain, or the everyday beating sun. Built with durable, high-quality building materials, our commercial carports can handle heavy windloads, and will conform to any building code requirements that correspond to the locale, including the Miami-Dade area. In housing situations, a carport adds value and appeal to the prospective or existing tenants. Install now, and enjoy the benefits for years to come!

Artbilt’s commercial walkway covers are a favorite in the public school system, since we are fully licensed and insured, and conform to the most demanding requirements. Our walkway covers are always professionally engineered, guaranteeing long-lasting stability. Along with being architecturally sound, they are pleasing to the eye. You choose just how you want it to look, so it will compliment any corresponding structures. Providing protection from building to building, Artbilt-Awnings have installed many walkway covers for schools, hospitals, housing complexes, and all types of businesses.

If You Dream It, We Can Build It –

Art-Bilt-Awnings have been awning design specialists for over 70 years. While many years have passed since the inception of Art-Bilt Awnings, we continue to value our loyal base of repeat customers, although we’ve made many new friends and business associates along the way. Awnings of every kind, from traditional style to retractables and canopies, our awnings and sunshades will add value and style to your home or business; and don’t forget the vital protection they give you from Florida’s scorching sun! ArtBilt’s outstanding reputation stretches as far as our awnings do; from Clearwater to Holiday, with many stops along the way. Florida families and contractor’s alike time after time because they know Art-Bilt equals value and quality. Art-bilt Awnings has been around for 3/4 of a century; that’s staying power! That can only come from durable, quality materials combined with highly skilled and experienced craftsman.

ArtBilt-Awnings has cooled Floridians with our fabric awnings, drop curtains, and many other shade systems for 70 plus years. That’s a rarity in any trade; we must be doing something right! Along with our custom designed awnings that are fabricated right here at our shop in the St. Petersburg/Clearwater area, we carry some of the finer brands of retractable awnings and solar shades. We are a Sunsetter retractable awning dealer, and we go all the way to France to provide the Mitjavila brand retractables for those who appreciate quality craftsmanship. ArtBilt Awnings has proudly installed Eastern Awning Systems’ Sunscape and Sunflexx retractables, the very same brand of awning that has shaded the lawn of the White House, as well as the Kremlin. The Sunair Solar Shades provide UV protection in some very fashionable styles and colors.

Our fabric awnings are all made with Sunbrella awning fabric, the leader in the awning fabric industry. The shades and styles of Sunbrella fabric are endless, and the durability of the fabric keeps its rich color year after year even under Florida’s unforgiving weather conditions.

Awnings cut energy costs – Tampa, St. Petersburg, Land O’ Lakes

Awnings, as well as other shade products,  provide a considerable savings on your energy costs!  A report that has been released by the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota, which was funded by PAMA (Professional Awning Manufacturers Association), proved that the use of awnings can significantly reduce your cooling costs. After a thorough examination of the subject, it was found that depending on your geographical location in the country, utilizing awnings can reduce your cooling energy use by anywhere from 23 – 33%.

New Study Proves Awnings Can Save on Energy Costs for Homeowners Awnings, an increasingly popular home improvement option, provide style, shade, curb appeal and an even greater benefit – reduced energy costs (Roseville, Minn. – Feb. 21, 2007) – A new study found that awnings can provide significant savings on cooling costs and on peak electrical demand by reducing solar gain through home windows. The study, Awnings in Residential Buildings: The Impact on Energy Use and Peak Demand, was conducted by the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota.

The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA) funded the study to determine if awnings are a viable means of reducing energy and air conditioner usage in the home. Most U.S. residential neighborhoods do not have a significant number of awnings, unlikeEurope, where awnings are used to reduce air conditioning use in the summer. The study investigated the energy savings for single family homes and the reduction of energy use during peak periods.

In the first phase of the study, awning impacts were measured in seven U.S. cities across various climates, including Minneapolis, Boston, Seattle, Albuquerque, Phoenix, St. Louis and Sacramento. The study revealed that in all cities for all window orientations tested (see tables on page 2), there were significant energy savings in cooling costs and peak electricity demand as a result of using window awnings. The amount of energy saved varies, depending on the number of windows, types of glass in the windows and window orientation. Phase two of the study is due for release in the spring and will include additional cities.

Specifically, the study found that in Phoenix, Ariz., a warm climate, window awnings can reduce the use of home cooling energy as much as 26 percent compared to a home with completely unshaded windows. In St. Louis, Mo., a mixed climate, awnings can reduce the use of cooling energy as much as 23 percent. Similarly, in Boston, Mass., a cold climate, awnings can reduce the need for cooling energy as much as 33 percent.

“Depending on the region a home is in, awnings can save home owners more than $100 annually, but energy savings like this are valuable beyond reducing homeowner’s expenses,” said Michelle Sahlin, managing director of PAMA. “When numerous homeowners reduce their need for energy, there is less demand for energy at the times of peak usage, resulting in overall savings to utility companies and the public from a decreased need to supply generating capacity.”

Researchers used a specialized computer program to investigate variables in conjunction with a standard awning with sides. The variables included geographic location, window orientation and exposure, winter and summer usage, and window type.

For more information about the study, contact Michelle Sahlin at mesahlin@ifai.com.

About PAMA

The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA), a division of IFAI, is made up of awning fabricators and suppliers in the awning industry. PAMA maintains two Web sites: www.awninginfo.com, which focuses on association members and commercial awning use, and www.awningstoday.com, which educates consumers about awnings andawning benefits.

The Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) proactively represents and promotes the products and innovations of the specialty fabrics industry worldwide. www.ifai.com

Florida Commercial Awnings – New Port Richey, Dunedin

Invite us to bid on your next commercial project; we can keep a deadline! Artbilt  understands the significance of staying on schedule when working in the commercial construction industry. Artbilt is a heavily relied upon name in the commercial awning industry throughout the state, carrying custom aluminum awning designs, walkway covers, carports, standing seam awnings, and retractables. Commercial awnings can expand your seating or dining areas extensively, allowing you to host more guests. They can also keep bad weather out. Artbilt Awnings has installed retractable awnings in fine dining establishments from Port St. Lucie to Miami; countless fun family get together places too!

Our walkway covers spread from coast to coast, from Jupiter to Clearwater.  A favorite for schools and professional complexes. Our suspended frame metal awning has a simple design, using multiple connecting arms that attach to the host structure. The standing seam awning leaves you with a variety of color choices. Our carports provide shelter for apartments, condos, clinics, and all types of public structures. Artbilt Awnings will proficiently line your sidewalks and streams with the stylish look of ornamental rail and fence. Of course, as with all of our professional installations, engineered drawings are provided. The Artbilt professionals are equipped to execute all aspects of your commercial awning contract.


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