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Fold-Down Aluminum Clamshell Fold-Down Aluminum Awnings Custom Made in Largo, FL

One of the most common additions to any home in and around Largo, FL is a window awnings.  Awnings block the sun and shade the interior of the home which lowers Air Conditioning costs and protects indoor furnishings from UV fade. There are many more good reasons to have an awning over your window, but you probably already know them since you’re here looking for information about awnings for your windows right now!

The example shown here was just installed on the Grant family’s home in Largo.  This type of aluminum fold-down awning can be used as a storm shutter or security shutter when folded flat against the window.  The all-aluminum construction means it will never rust, so you can expect many years of faithful service from an aluminum clamshell awning even in the harsh Largo, FL sun.  Also, the support arms are adjustable to allow for different pitch angles which allows the user to set the awning at the perfect slant to block the sun most effectively.  These awnings have been around for years and we’ve found a perfect balance between cost and strength!

These awnings are very affordable and are custom built to the width and projection necessary to cover each window.  They are manufactured right here in Clearwater from the highest quality materials available.  At West Coast Awnings, we’ve been installing aluminum window awnings for over 50 years and would like to help you with your window awning project.  Give us a call today to schedule a free on-site consultation.

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