Shade Screens for Manatees | Lowry Park Zoo | Tampa


Recently, we had the priveledge to help out our manatee friends at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa.  The David A. Straz Manatee Hospital rehabilitates manatees that are injured by boats or other natural causes.  They asked us to help shade their manatees with a 90 percent block screen in order let their injuries heal quicker, and keep them cool and comfortable.  The Phiphertex Plus shade screen was laced to the existing 20 to 22 foot frames. The first tank was only half covered with a screen as there is a big oak tree covering the other half.  This is also where the visitors to the zoo are able to observe the manatees at the hospital.  The two full shade screens have a cantilevered frame so that they hinge at the midpoint of the circle in order to allow access to the manatees from above.   We used Tenara thread on all the seams so they should stand up to the harsh direct sun.



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