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Custom Awnings for Patio and Lanai

Custom awning for patio and lanai

Custom Awnings for Patio and Lanai
to Suit Any Situation

This week we had the pleasure of installing another custom-built solution to a very unique problem.  This awning had to be fitted perfectly to our customer’s 2nd floor balcony patio and we even had to reinforce the existing hollow columns with 3000PSI concrete to meets hurricane code.  The welded aluminum subframe is custom powder coated to match the current window trim on the home. Then, to add an more polished look to the finished product, we provided decorative post wraps that surround our structural aluminum columns to match the surrounding architectural flair of the existing railing.  Check out some of these photos:

Our engineering team loves to make your vision a reality.  Whether you are shading a window to cool your living room or you need an awning to cover your pavered pool deck, we can find the shape, color, and method to fit your needs.  We’ve been creating beautiful shade structures for over 50 years and would love to chance to talk with you about what we can do for you.  Our business is based on keeping promises and making dreams come true for our customers.  If you need a shade solution or a way to keep the rain and wind out of your patio or lanai, we are the people you should talk to first!  In fact, talk to us first then talk to anyone else you want to.  Usually, we end up being the last people you talk to when you say, ‘thanks for doing a great job!”  We got into the awning business to build fantastic structures for you, our client, and we’ll be in the business for years to come for the same reason!  Give us a call today to find out more!!

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