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 Canvas Sunbrella Awnings in Tampa Transform Outdoor Patio into Summertime Oasis

This week we had the pleasure of installing a new Sunbrella canvas awning for Anita in Tampa, FL.  She came to us hoping for a way to get more use out of her outdoor patio area during the summer.  Anita had three major problems:

  1. The summer sun in Tampa is incredibly hot and makes her patio unusable
  2. The afternoon rain storms during the summer wash out most outdoor plans.
  3. Her French doors were prone to leaking at the threshold during heavy rains.

These are very common problems in West Central Florida and at West Coast Awnings, we have been solving these problems for almost 60 years.

In Anita's case, she chose a traditional style awning with Sunbrella canvasSunbrella canvas has a breathable weave that allows hot air to escape through it while maintaining a nearly waterproof barrier against rain.  At 17ft wide and 7ft projection, her new canvas awning gives her an additional 119 sq ft of living space that is shaded and protected from rain.

She also chose to powder coat her welded aluminum awning subframe and her structural aluminum posts.  We excavated and poured concrete footings for proper anchoring of her fabric awning frame so it would withstand hurricane force winds up to or exceeding the strict Florida Building Code.  Finally, we sealed the Sunbrella awning to her home using the highest grade commercial terpolymer sealant available today.

With the addition of her new Sunbrella canvas awning, Anita can now enjoy her outdoor living space year-round without having to worry whether the weather will spoil her plans.  If you would like us to help you with an awning or canopy for your outdoor patio or deck, please give us a call or use our Contact Us form to send an electronic message.  We will get in touch with you to set up a FREE on-site consultation with one of our awning experts.

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We were blown away when we saw the finished product on our recent job for Boizao Steakhouse in Tampa, FL.  There are three radius marquee awnings facing the street, and three small dome awnings above the entrance way.  The black and white Sunbrella fabric was treated for flame retardancy and then sewn together foot by foot to create the dramatic blocked stripe effect.  Florida Building code calls for flame retardant fabric on all commercial buildings, so be sure your awning provider is providing you with a flame certificate to prove it.  In the event of a fire, the local municipality and insurance company will be looking for places to point the finger and you don't want that to be you.  The graphics were heat applied in order to ensure longevity on the Sunbrella fabric.  White custom flags/penants with a red Boizao logo were added to provide some contrast to the black on the awnings.  Overall, a very upscale look for a great restaurant.





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Monday, 10 October 2011 11:05

Outdoor Kitchen Canopy | Tampa | FL

The weather is starting to cool off and entertaining outdoors is becoming more enjoyable.   A canopy is a great way to protect yourself from the elements and beautify your outdoor space.  The cooper black sunbrella fabric provides an elegant look and a 10 year limited warranty.  The aluminum frame is powder coated black to both protect the frame and blend in with the fabric for a seamless look.  The aluminum frame won't corrode like steel and will last a lifetime with proper maintenance.



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Check out this new Cafe right on the docks at Dunedin Marina.  Walt opened up a new location near downtown Dunedin and his outdoor patio deck was wide-open to the sun and rain.  He called on us to make his seating available in all kinds of weather conditions.  Fully equipped with roll-down shades to keep rain and wind at bey, the new outdoor seating area canopy has more than doubled the number of tables available for patrons and has increased Walt's business!  The canopy will easily pay for itself in one season.  Call us today to find out how we can help you get more use out of your outdoor spaces!


Restaurant Canopy Dunedin Clearwater St Pete Tampa



Commercial Awning Clearwater St Pete Dunedin Tampa

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Friday, 10 June 2011 09:54

Custom Umbrellas - Clearwater Beach

We're at it again, this time making custom fixed umbrellas for our friends at the Isle of Sand Key condominiums.  Being so close to the Gulf, their pool deck and patio are exposed to high winds almost daily, so a standard center-post umbrella simply would not survive for long in those harsh conditions.  Custom Umbrellas Clearwater Beach


We worked with them and came up with a functional and attractive solution: Custom Welded-Frame Umbrellas with Sunbrella Fabric Covers.  The frames are fully-welded aluminum with a white powder coat finish to keep them beautiful and free of corrosion for decades.  The 10-year Warranty Sunbrella Fabric is fastened with our state-of-the-art "Staple-Stitch" system that gives a tight, seamless look and allows the fabric to break away from the frame in the event of hurricane force winds.  This relieves the pressure from the frame to allow it to survive the storm and we simply re-attach the fabric once the hurricane is over.  Patio Umbrella Deck Canvas Sunbrella


We really enjoy being innovative and creative when it comes to solving our customers' shade structure problems and we would like to help you too.  Give us a call for a free consulation.

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011 11:33

Retractable Canopy - Palm Harbor, FL

Just last week we had the opportunity to install another Sunesta retractable awning on a home in Palm Harbor.  We were tasked with shading a small part of the patio including a small outdoor seating area.  I have to give it to the customer, the color choice on the acrylic canvas fabric is almost a perfect match to their outdoor decor.  I will have to admit I am certainly jealous of the view from under that awning. :)  Thanks to Sunesta's quick turnaround time we were able to set a new shop record for the fastest retractable canopy job start to finish in just eight days.  While this isn't always the norm, it is great to know that it can be done if necessary.

retractable awning motorized remote control

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Thursday, 14 April 2011 15:43

Drop Curtains or Screens - Palm Harbor, FL

Looking for shade from the harsh Florida sun, but don't want to lose your view?  We have several options to meet your needs.  Phantom retractable screens, drop screens, and drop curtains with a clear window panel are all suitable options depending on your personal taste.  Last month we had the chance to install some shade screens in Palm Harbor, FLSolar screens are identical to drop curtains, which are made from acrylic (Sunbrella) or vinyl fabrics, but as you may assume they are made from screen.  This is not the same screen you see on your pool enclosure.  This high grade solar screen comes in a variety of colors and degrees/percentages of blockage from the sun.  You can chose the level of block depending on how much sun you want to block versus how much view or privacy you are looking to maintain.  They are great for porches or balconies, or whatever the application.  This particular job kept the sun off some french doors on a second story balcony.

solar screen shade screen sun shade Ozona, FL

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