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Monday, 10 October 2011 14:34

Aluminum Clamshell Awning | Clearwater | FL

People ask us all the time if we sell aluminum awnings.  We sell several different types of aluminum awnings and shutters so it isn't always an easy question to answer quickly.  One of the most popular type of aluminum awnings is what we refer to as a "clamshell" awning.  When you look at the photos below I think you'll be able to tell why.  Aluminum clamshell awnings are great for providing shade, and can even be pivoted down over the window before inclement weather strikes to provide some protection from the elements.  While not approved by the Florida Building Code for hurricane protection, every little bit helps.  The all aluminum construction of these awnings mean that they will not rust and will last for years to come.  They come in several colors and can even have different slats different colors for a complimentary accent stripe or two.



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A new physician's office in Trinity, FL was in need of some architectural design elements and rain protection for their front entrance.  They chose to go with two different styles of architectural canopy.  Both have arms that tie-back to the building for additional support.  The differences lie in the pan style on the top of the canopy as well as the water management properties.  The difference in top panels is one is made from large plates of aluminum, while the other is made of several self mating panels which provides additional strength.  One style manages water run-off with scuppers or gutters, while the other style has a drip edge all along the front of the canopy.  In addition to the architectural canopies, the customer requested bahama shutters to provide added beauty and shade.  The fully welded bahama shutters are not only attractive, but can offer hurricane protection in most situations.  All canopies and shutters were powder coated gloss black for a professional look.




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Aluminum architectural canopies are gaining popularity due to their resistance to the elements and classic style.  While possibly not as attractive as fabric awnings, there remains the durability and longevity that this type of awning supplies.  Recently, a CVS pharmacy in Brandon gave us a call in order to replace the architectural canopy over their loading dock and employee entrance.  The awning was powder coated satin white in order to match the appearance of the previous canopy we were replacing.  This particular architectural canopy is different from the one we put up on Richard's Foodporium in Dunedin.  The water management system of this awning is a spillway across the front of the awning.  There are no gutters or scuppers on this awning.  The top pan is angled in such a way that the water flows out the front of the awning just before the front bar.  Keep in mind when ordering canopies of this style that you will want to make your projection from the wall a little further out to account for this drainage style.  Deliveries to this CVS should be protected from the rain and sun for years to come.


metal canopy awning aluminum architectural tie-back cantilever

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Some time back we were contacted by Lou.  Lou had a second home nearby our office in Florida, but his main residence and place of business was located in the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas to be precise.  Lou was unable to find a quality awning manufacturer in the Virgin Islands or Caribbean, so he turned to West Cost Awnings in Clearwater, FL to solve his dilemma.  After drawing the short straw, Rick boarded a plane for St. Thomas in order to perform an in depth field measure of Lou's restaurant, Tickles Dockside Pub.  Lou was looking to catch the eye of the patrons on the many cruise ships making port at St. Thomas.  In order to accomplish this, he decided to go with a custom lace-on canvas cover with thermally applied color graphics.  This provided not only shade for his patrons at his restaurant, but also made the statement Lou was looking to make to those passing cruise ships.  The reason for the lace-on cover was two-fold.  First, the awning would be shipped in a freight container so it was imperative to keep the cover safe from any tears or scratches in transit.  It was rolled and placed in a custom bag made to protect it on its voyage.  The second reason for the lace-on cover was to provide Lou with the ability to remove the cover in the unfortunate occurence of heavy wind, or God forbid, a hurricane in the area.  We Floridians can relate to that concern.  After flying a 2 man installation crew down to St. Thomas, the awning fit perfectly and was installed in less than two days.  All this after visiting the site one time to measure and plan.

Assembled at the shop to ensure a perfect fit:

commercial fabric logos graphics carribean islands awnings

Frames on the pub before the cover was installed:

awning canopy aluminum frame awnings canopies

Side view of the finished product:

shade rain cover canvas fabric sunbrells

Finished product from across the canal:

fabric canvas sunbrella logo graphic carribean

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As the shade industry transitions to a mind-frame of sustainability, aluminum architectural canopies have gained popularity.  We had the pleasure of installing an architectural canopy on Richard's Foodporium in Dunedin, FL.  Architectural awnings or canopies provide unmatched performance in providing sun and rain protection due to their fully sealed frame.  These canopies come in a variety of styles and sizes, and can be outfitted with scuppers or gutters to divert rain water run-off to the most appropriate destination.  Since the canopy is made from high quality aluminum, it is virtually maintenance free and 100% recyclable.  Contractors are finding these canopies helpful in meeting LEED or "Green" building requirements as they provide shade to windows and entry ways, blocking heat before it enters the structure, and lowering overall energy costs.

Richard's Foodporium in Dunedin will be having their grand opening Saturday, February 19th.  So while you are enjoying natural and specialty foods, take a moment to enjoy the sun and rain protection offered by our architectural canopy.

aluminum metal canopy awning anodize tie-back


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