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Tuesday, 04 November 2014 15:05

Restaurant Awnings for Outdoor Seating - Tampa Clearwater St Pete

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Restaurants and other food and beverage service businesses with an outdoor seating area can benefit from an awning or other cover simply for the seating turn-over.  One afternoon thunderstorm can wipe out an entire dinner-time rush.  30 minutes of rain and all of those seats sit empty and your restaurant loses all those tables.  Also, in the heat of the summer, the sun can make your outdoor seating area unusable.  Some restaurant managers try to employ umbrellas, which really only put one or two people at a 4-top in the shade.  Alternately, during winter, a cold breeze can make your outdoor seating useless.  With a set of roll-down curtains around your awning, the cold wind can be stopped and the outdoor seating that you value can be used all evening!

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Obviously, adding an awning has done wonders for this Applebee's restaurant.  You can see in the photo that the tables are protected from both the sun and the rain.  In winter, when needed, the roll-down curtains will be dropped and secured to stop the cold wind.  Wouldn't your restaurant do more business if you could seat your outdoor area in all weather?  If you don't have an outdoor seating area you should consider adding one.  It will likely pay for itself in only a few months and then you can increase your profits for years to come. 

You can also add heaters and lights to the underside of the awning frame for the added comfort of your guests.  Using electric infrared heaters is especially economical when compared to propane heaters whose warming heat can be easily carried away by the slightest breeze.  When combined with proper lighting, your restaurant outdoor dining area can be as comfortable as your interior dining room and send your revenues up in all seasons. 

With our custom-made welded aluminum subframe awning, you will have an area that is designed specifically for your area and adds both functionality and beauty to your establishment.  Give us a call here at West Coast Awnings to see what we can do for you.  You can check out our commercial awnings page for more info as well.


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