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Louvered Roof 7

Motorized Alumium Pergolas - St Pete, Tampa, Clearwater

Have you ever dreamed of having your own shade pergola but realized that a traditional pergola provides neither shade nor rain protection?  There is an alternative!  Our collection of Custom-Built Motorized Aluminum Pergolas will give you decades of maintenance-free shade and rain protection.  Notice in these two photos the beautiful look of the pergola in the open position (above) and the full shade and rain stopping power in the closed position (below).  An Aluminum Pergola looks nearly identical to a wood structure except that it does not rot over time or require constant re-painting maintenance.  Aluminum is naturally rust-proof and the powder coated finish on our Pergolas will last many times longer than paint on wood.  Powder Coat is naturally smooth and tends to repel dirt where regular paint would absorb it.  Also, the finish on our Aluminum Pergolas does not absorb moisture which allows the materials below to be truly protected.

Louvered Roof 8

Stainless Steel Hardware

At West Coast Awnings, we have more than 50 years experience installing metal and fabric structures in Tampa Bay.  Because we know what works and what doesn't, we use only Stainless Steel Hardware in our exterior projects so you don't have to worry about corrosion destroying your Pergola addition prematurely.  It is true that Stainless Steel hardware is many times more expensive than basic steel hardware, but we believe in doing a job once and doing it well.  You can trust your Motorized Pergola Project to us because we are experts in the industry and experts in building in Tampa Bay.  Give us a call today to find out more!

Restaurants and other food and beverage service businesses with an outdoor seating area can benefit from an awning or other cover simply for the seating turn-over.  One afternoon thunderstorm can wipe out an entire dinner-time rush.  30 minutes of rain and all of those seats sit empty and your restaurant loses all those tables.  Also, in the heat of the summer, the sun can make your outdoor seating area unusable.  Some restaurant managers try to employ umbrellas, which really only put one or two people at a 4-top in the shade.  Alternately, during winter, a cold breeze can make your outdoor seating useless.  With a set of roll-down curtains around your awning, the cold wind can be stopped and the outdoor seating that you value can be used all evening!

restaurant awning tampa


Obviously, adding an awning has done wonders for this Applebee's restaurant.  You can see in the photo that the tables are protected from both the sun and the rain.  In winter, when needed, the roll-down curtains will be dropped and secured to stop the cold wind.  Wouldn't your restaurant do more business if you could seat your outdoor area in all weather?  If you don't have an outdoor seating area you should consider adding one.  It will likely pay for itself in only a few months and then you can increase your profits for years to come. 

You can also add heaters and lights to the underside of the awning frame for the added comfort of your guests.  Using electric infrared heaters is especially economical when compared to propane heaters whose warming heat can be easily carried away by the slightest breeze.  When combined with proper lighting, your restaurant outdoor dining area can be as comfortable as your interior dining room and send your revenues up in all seasons. 

With our custom-made welded aluminum subframe awning, you will have an area that is designed specifically for your area and adds both functionality and beauty to your establishment.  Give us a call here at West Coast Awnings to see what we can do for you.  You can check out our commercial awnings page for more info as well.


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Dunedin, FL Awnings and Canopies -- Since 1957

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Awning ShapesThe graphic above shows a few of the basic shapes and designs we can build for our customers all over Tampa Bay.  Custom built awnings are a must in Dunedin where the Building Department is diligent about keeping the quaint beauty and architectural integrity of Dunedin intact for decades to come.  If you live in zip code 34698, you know that the city only allows the highest quality and most beautifully designed structures to be built anywhere within the city limits.

At West Coast Awnings, we've been working closely with the City of Dunedin for over 5 decades.  If you need a shade structure, awning, or canopy built anywhere in the area, you need a local company that understands the intricacies of the Florida Buildling Code to get your project done the right way.  Our awnings are made with the highest quality aluminum alloys and the longest lasting acrylic canvas fabrics available on the international market today.  Our Sunbrella canvas has proudly served in the awning and marine industries for many years and has proven to be the gold standard for outdoor fabric today.  As you can see in the graphic above, we offer many basic shapes to start off your awning project, but our real talent lies in our ability to custom build nearly any shape or style that you could imagine.  Our skilled fabrication staff has over a century of combined experience and can squeeze the most imagination into an awning of any company in and around Dunedin.

Check out the links above in our menu to take a look around our website and pay a visit to our Galleries to see some photos of projects we've completed recently.  You will not be disappointed.

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Clearwater FL Awning and Canopy Company - Since 1957

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retractable-awning-01Awnings and Canopies in Clearwater, FL: Designed and Manufactured Locally

If you are looking for local owned and operated awning company in Clearwater, you've come to the right place.  West Coast Awnings has been designing, manufacturing, and installing custom awnings and canopies of nearly every type since 1957.  Our expert awning craftsmen and women make their homes right here in Clearwater and take pride in providing the highest quality products and services to our friends and neighbors.  We all love Clearwater and Florida in general for the ample supply of sun, but sometimes that sun can cause some problems.  Our awnings and canopies provide shade protection to lower interior temperatures, protect furnshings from fading, allow outdoor living spaces to be used even in the summer heat, and many other benefits.

We would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the details of your project.  No two projects are identical, so we take the time to see your site and discuss the best solution to fit your needs.  Our on-site consultations are FREE and you have no obligation to purchase at any time.

Using the menu links above, take a tour of our site and check out all of the great products we offer.  When you've got all of your questions ready, give us a call to schedule an appointment.  Be sure to take a look at our photo Galleries to get an idea of some of the things we've produced for Clearwater residents just like you.  We look forward to hearing from you soon

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Canopy Awnings in Belleair, FL

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Home Awning

Serving Belleair and Belleair Beach since 1957

For our Customers in Belleair and Belleair Beach, our custom built awnings and canopies are the perfect solution to your shade and weather protection problems.  To see our collection of Canvas Awnings, Canvas Patio Canopies, Retractable Awnings, Retractable Screens, and more, use the Menu Bar at the top of the screen to get more info or check out our Galleries to see photos of our work and examples of the types of products we have available. 

retractable awning tampa - hyer

Awnings and Canopies to Shade your Deck, Patio, or Lanai

A stationary awning is a great way to cover an outdoor living space year-round to protect not only from the sun but also from adverse weather.  Patio awnings, Porch canopies, and Lanai covers are essential to get the most out of your backyard areas from January to December.  Given the drastic changes in Belleair weather from summer thunderstorms changing to sweltering sunlight, a canvas or insulated awning or canopy is the right choice for Belleair Beach residents.  We have the expertise and experience to help make your Belleair Backyard the outdoor oasis of comfort and enjoyment you've always wished it would be.  Give us a call today to find out how we can help you!

In general, an awning or canopy can take an outdoor area that would be otherwise useless during hot summer days or during rain storms and turns it into an outdoor oasis that you can enjoy year 'round.  Specifically, in the Tampa Bay area, many homes and business were purchased with an outdoor area as a main feature.  Not being able to use this area turns a great investment into unrealized potential.  Do something about it and take back your outdoor living area!!

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Architectural Aluminum Awnings in Tampa Bay, FL

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Architectural CanopyCustom Built from Recyclable Materials

When designing and building a new metal shade awning, many factors must be taken into account.  Not the least of which is the environmental impact that the product will have.  Our Aluminum Architectural Awnings are made from 100% Recyclable extruded aluminum.  Many years from now when the awnings are removed or the buildling demolished, these aluminum awnings can be reused to make many different aluminum products.  When making a product like these aluminum awnings, it is not just important to think about the impact today, but also the impact on tomorrow.

Additionally, our all-aluminum construction will never rust.  While it will oxidize, the outer layer of aluminum oxide that forms on unfinished awnings is actually harder and tougher than the orginal aluminum surface which means that it will not flake away to expose fresh material underneath like rust on iron or steel.  This choice of material while initially more expensive pound-for-pound is actually a better value due to the extreme longevity of the awnings even in salty environments like Tampa, Clearwater, or St Petersburg.  Additionally, West Coast Awnings has a history dating back to 1957 of designing, manufacturing, and installing these types of awnings and canopies.

Metal Awnings in Tampa: Long Lasting Shade

While fabric awnings are beautiful and colorful, metal aluminum awnings are practically indestructible.  Made from 100% extruded aluminum, these awnings will never rust, providing decades of shade and rain protection to doors, windows, or patios.  Also, their powder coated finish allows these architectural awnings to match any style or color scheme that an architect or designer can imagine.  Additionally, their custom built nature assures a perfect fit every time.  For more information, contact us using the phone number above or our handy Contact Us form.

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Custom Awnings for Patio and Lanai

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Custom Made Awnings to Suit Any Situation

This week we had the pleasure of installing another custom-built solution to a very unique problem.  This awning had to be fitted perfectly to our customer's 2nd floor balcony patio and we even had to reinforce the existing hollow columns with 3000PSI concrete to meets hurricane code.  The welded aluminum subframe is custom powder coated to match the current window trim on the home. Then, to add an more polished look to the finished product, we provided decorative post wraps that surround our structural aluminum columns to match the surrounding architectural flair of the existing railing.  Check out some of these photos:

Our engineering team loves to make your vision a reality.  Whether you are shading a window to cool your living room or you need an awning to cover your pavered pool deck, we can find the shape, color, and method to fit your needs.  We've been creating beautiful shade structures for over 50 years and would love to chance to talk with you about what we can do for you.  Our business is based on keeping promises and making dreams come true for our customers.  If you need a shade solution or a way to keep the rain and wind out of your patio or lanai, we are the people you should talk to first!  In fact, talk to us first then talk to anyone else you want to.  Usually, we end up being the last people you talk to when you say, 'thanks for doing a great job!"  We got into the awning business to build fantastic structures for you, our client, and we'll be in the business for years to come for the same reason!  Give us a call today to find out more!!

patio shade awnings st peteawning clearwater patio deckpatio awningsawnings tampacustom awning st pete - Barket

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Aluminum Fold Down Clamshell Awning - Dunedin, FL

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Aluminum Fold Down Awning - Leszczyk

Aluminum Clamshell Awning Shades Window in Dunedin, FL

For Piotr, a retired gentleman in Dunedin, an aluminum clamshell window awning was the right solution for a sun-control problem at his home.  Just behind his carport, Piotr had a window that was constantly berated by the hot sun which made the interior of his home hot and stuffy.  With the addition of this aluminum awning, he is certain to have many years of trouble free service.  Here's why:

  • Aluminum clamshell awnings in Dunedin are built from alumium which never rusts and have powder coat finish that is much stronger than standard paint.
  • We only use Stainless Steel hardware in our installations around Dunedin.  This means that the anchors will last much longer than conventional steel anchors.
  • When dirt or debris settle on the awning, a simple hose wash is usually sufficient to restore the factory new look.
  • Fold down awnings such as this one can be folded down against the window to protect it from thunder storms and for added security against intruders.

Using the links at the top of the page, navigate through our product listings to find the awning or shade that is right for you.  Or, give us a call at the number above to schedule a FREE consultation with an awning expert today!

You can also click here to find out more information about our clamshell awning products and our ability to provide the best awning and canopy products available in Tampa Bay.  Whether you live in a 20,000 sq ft mansion or a manufactured home near the water, we have the right product to shade your windows and provide security and protection from storms while you are away.  You will not be disappointed.

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Retractable Awnings Largo FL

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Retractable Awnings Largo, FL

retractable awnings clearwaterWe are proud to offer a wide variety of retractable awning solutions for our customers in the Largo, FL area.

Our exclusive Sunesta retractable awnings are the vest retractable awnings available in Largo. Their many features and benefits include:

  • Made in the USA from American and European components. No cheaply made parts from the far East are ever used in any of our Largo retractable awning products! (Check out the facts!  'SunSetter' is "Assembled" in the USA from the cheapest Chinese components available)
  • Utilizing 9-ounce acrylic fabric with a 10-year warranty against fade, mold, rot, and mildew. Available in nearly 200 colors and patterns, the fabrics are also breathable to allow stifling heat to escape.
  • Our retractable awning frames are built very tough with fantastic warranties ranging from 5 to 15 years!
  • Our Largo retractable awnings are built CUSTOM to fit your home, but can be installed only a few days after receiving your order.
  • Despite custom building every retractable awning in Largo from scratch, we can manufacture your awning and have it installed on your home in less than 2 weeks!
  • During periods of heavy rains and strong winds, our exclusive retractable awnings roll-up tight against your home to protect from hurting the fabric or frame components.
  • While retractable awnings are great for shading and protecting from a light rain, they should never be left out unattended as sudden wind gusts or rain can damage the awning.

For more details, download our simple and helpful retractable awning brochures below. Each unit has different features available and differs in warranty length and available sizes.

Sunesta Brochure - 15 Year Frame Warranty
SunStyle Brochure - 12 Year Frame Warranty
SunLight Brochure - 10 Year Frame Warranty
SunFlair Brochure - 5 year Frame Warranty (limited fabric color selection)

Give us a call at the number above so we can tell you more about our selection of Retractable Awnings.  We would like to offer you a Free on-site consultation to help you decide if a Retractable Awning is right for you.

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Retractable Awnings Dunedin FL

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Retractable Awnings Dunedin, FL

retractable awnings clearwaterWe are excited to offer a wide variety of retractable awnings for your deck, patio, or other outside living space.

Our exclusive line of Sunesta retractable awnings are the greatest retractable awnings available in Dunedin today. Their benefits and features includethe following:

  • Our retractable awnings for Dunedin are Made in the USA from American and European components. No cheap parts from the far East are ever used in any of our Dunedin retractable awning products! ('SunSetter' is "Assembled" in the USA from the cheapest Chinese components available)
  • Our retractable awnings in Dunedin use 9-ounce acrylic canvas fabric with a full 10-year warranty against fade, mold, rot, and mildew. Available in almost 200 colors and patterns, the fabrics are also breathable to allow heat to escape.
  • Our retractable awning frames are built tough with warranties ranging from 5 to 15 years!
  • Our Dunedin retractable awnings are built CUSTOM to the fraction of an inch to fit your home.
  • Despite custom building every retractable awning in Dunedin from scratch, we can manufacture your awning and have it installed on your home in less than 2 weeks!
  • During periods of higher winds and heavy rains, retractable awnings roll-up against your home to protect from damaging the fabric or frame components.
  • While retractable awnings are great for shading and protecting from a light rain, they should never be left out unattended as sudden wind gusts or rain can damage the awning.

Give us a call at the number above so we can tell you more about our selection of Retractable Awnings.  We would like to offer you a Free on-site consultation to help you decide if a Retractable Awning is right for you.

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